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Hi,I have an DNN site of version 6.1.3.when i hit it is redirected to DNN login page; which is fine.But when i use .com/login"www. …

How to : Access the DNN Login Page from Any Page


Jan 25, 2014 ... This comes to pass very frequently. When somebody indicates a detailed page on your DNN portal to be a login page, and then they either ...

Replace DNN Login page - Stack Overflow


Aug 7, 2019 ... You could use a rewrite rule in the web.config that send the /Login url to a different page/url/site. The code must be placed in the

Manually access the Login Page on a DotNetNuke Installation


Apr 10, 2012 ... Go to this URL: (replace with your domain name). This should take you to the ...

DNN Default Login Page URL | The ASP.NET Forums


Hi, I am posting this question again hoping that some advanced users might see know something about my p roblematic situation. As a typical ...

HOW TO : Access the DNN Login Page from Any Page - Will Strohl's


Jan 23, 2008 ... I see a question in the DotNetNuke® (DNN) forums a lot. It is often phrased something like "I deleted my login page. How can I login now?

Redirect after login not working if Login page has a different name ...


Apr 3, 2020 ... Additional context. The error is caused by the following function in this source file Dnn.Platform-9.5.0\DNN Platform\Website\DesktopModules\ ...

Controlling login permissions and restrictions via Login IP Filtering ...


Nov 10, 2020 ... Controlling login permissions and restrictions via Login IP Filtering ... have taken effect by advising the user helping to navigate to your DNN site and ... the IIS rewrite module ( ...

DNN Single Sign On Module Download & Setup Guide | DNN Login


Step 1: Download and Install the module in DotNetNuke. · Step 2: Adding Module on DNN page. · Step 3: Configure Module for Setting up SAML Single Sign-On ( ...

Create Auto Login Link | DNN Sharp Documentation Center


The action will help you create user specific links that when clicked will automatically login the user and redirect to a portal page(or url) specified in the action.

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