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This comes to pass very frequently. When somebody indicates a detailed page on your DNN portal to be a login page, and then they either erases the …

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Aug 7, 2019 ... You could use a rewrite rule in the web.config that send the /Login url to a different page/url/site. The code must be placed in the

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I have an DNN site of version 6.1.3. when i hit>?ctl=login it is redirected to DNN login page; which is fine.

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This video will show how to customize the login page of a DotNetNuke website. It will help you to ensure that the content and elements in the login page are ...

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Oftentimes people will want to customize the login page that comes with DotNetNuke. Out of the box you will only see the login.

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Apr 10, 2012 ... Manually access the Login Page on a DotNetNuke Installation · Log in to your database using Microsoft SQL Management Studio. · Navigate to Tables ...

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Jan 23, 2008 ... I see a question in the DotNetNuke® (DNN) forums a lot. It is often phrased something like "I deleted my login page. How can I login now?

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Dnn login page. ... I have changed portal login page, now when i click login I have been redirected to page wich I set to be login.

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I went to Admin à Site Settings à Advanced Settings à Page Management à Login Page and set it as Home page. As a result when I click on ...

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I want to create a login-section on my website for customers. Therefor I want to make some specific changes in the login-page/framework.

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